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Re: best package for windows Vista

"Jonathan Smith" <jwsmith9@gmail.com> wrote in message [🔎] 31f50a540803191100v7c03dd8fsfdc90c758546debb@mail.gmail.com">news:[🔎] 31f50a540803191100v7c03dd8fsfdc90c758546debb@mail.gmail.com...
I was not sure if the image for Debian 4.0 downloaded completely. This is why I feel >obliged to order it. I will be using Debian for GrADS and for compiling FORTRAN >code. Can I get some recommendations from anyone.

Thank you

First of all, this is the wrong mailing list for this type of question. The correct list to use is Debian-users. Please post any further questions or replies to that list.

There are tools that could be used to determine if the file was completely downloaded. Any tool to calculate md5 hash/checksum of the file could be used. The output of that file should be compared to the corresponding line in the http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r3/i386/iso-cd/MD5SUMS file. Alternatively a tool to calculate the SHA-1 checksum can be used. In that case the file to compare with is http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/4.0_r3/i386/iso-cd/SHA1SUMS

If you have a broadband internet connection, what is important is that you have a cd with an installer. CD 1 or 'nestinst' or 'business card'. If all else fails you can use the tool available at http://goodbye-microsoft.com/. That tool will ensure that the installer components are downloaded correctly. (That is also the easiest way to install Debian if an existing Windows install is present).

If you want to purchase a CD or CD set anyway (perhaps the computer to be installed on does not have a broadband internet connection), then please use any vendor from our vendor list. We do not recomended any vendor over another, and have not tested all of them. However, if you repost on the users list, another user may have a recomendation.

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