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Re: What CDs and DVDs should we produce for lenny?

Steve McIntyre wrote:
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Hi folks,

It's time for me to ask the question again - what CDs and DVDs will we
find useful enough that we should make them for lenny?
 1. Is it worth making full sets of CDs at all? Can we rely on people
    having a net connection or being able to use DVDs if they want

 2. Is it worth producing all the CDs/DVDs/whatever for all the

 3. For some arches, should we just provide the first couple of CDs
    and a full set of DVDs? This is a bit of a compromise option - if
    a given machine will not boot from DVD, but can boot from CD and
    get the rest of its packages from a network share then all's good.

 4. ??? - what else would be a sane option?

(I'd better disclose a conflict of interest - I sell Debian CDs and DVDs).

I'd quite like there to be full sets for i386 and amd64. I think an inexperienced user could find it quite discouraging to have to install using a mapped drive.

What about a modification of 3? For the less popular arches we provide the first couple of CD images, but the other CDs are only available as jigdo downloads. Does that make sense? You'd still have to create every CD image, of course, but the mirrors would have to carry much less data / traffic.


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