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Re: Intend to hijack xchat-xsys

Hi all!

>  I've been talking with the maintainer[1] of xchat-xsys[2] for several
>  bugs and many new upstream releases hold back on Debian, and he
>  communicated me that he is not longer interested on maintaining it any
>  more.
>  Unfortunately, my suggestion of orphaning the pkg made no difference
>  to the current maintainer, as he showed no cares at all for it.

The maintainer stated that he's not using Debian anymore, and thus
doesn't want to bother orphaning the package.  Also he said that he is
ok with Ulises becoming the new maintainer.

Thus, THIS IS NOT A HIJACK.  This is an adoption without an O: bug,
which is actually quite a common practice when the old maintainer and
the new maintainer agree on this via IRC or some other medium.

There was no need to contact debian-devel about this.  I thought we
had already agreed on this.


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