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Re: Intend to hijack xchat-xsys

On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 10:19:01PM -0200, UlisesVitulli wrote:

> I've been talking with the maintainer[1] of xchat-xsys[2] (...)
> Unfortunately, my suggestion of orphaning the pkg made no difference
> to the current maintainer, as he showed no cares at all for it.

If he showed no care at all for it, I would presume he would also be
OK with you adopting the package? You don't need him to orphan it
first, if he tells you (e.g. in an email), "OK, it is yours", you can
make an upload changing maintainer to you, and it is not (socially) a

If he actively vetoed you adopting the package, well, there's
something I don't understand, so I can't express an opinion.


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