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Re: ITP: ttf-linex -- Free fonts for education and institutions

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:

Sorry, I often misuse "CDD" to mean "derivative distributions"..:-)

Yep.  I'm quite bored of this (which is not your fault but common
practice because of the very badly choosen name).  I just registered

   "CDD renaming BOF"



so feel free to join because the name just disturbs the potental the
idea has.  IMHO it also has potential for i18n efforts!

And by derivative distros, I do not only mean Ubuntu, of course, but
for instance the various custom distros using by the vairous "Juntas" in
Spain, the most well-known being LinEx, of course.

BTW, the school part of LinEx is currently joining / merging with
Debian-Edu and IMHO there would be a great potential to build a
Debian-Government CDD based in LinEx work if they would decide to
merge their stuff to "upstream" Debian.

See you in Argentina



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