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Re: ITP: ttf-linex -- Free fonts for education and institutions

Quoting Andreas Tille (tillea@rki.de):
> On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, Christian Perrier wrote:
>> This (still quite informal) group tries to gather people
>> maintaining font packages in Debian (and CDDs).
> "and CDDs" is redundant, because CDDs are included in Debian.
> Damn, one more point to change the name of the beast because
> it is terribly missleading ...

Sorry, I often misuse "CDD" to mean "derivative distributions"..:-)

And by derivative distros, I do not only mean Ubuntu, of course, but
for instance the various custom distros using by the vairous "Juntas" in
Spain, the most well-known being LinEx, of course.

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