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Re: ITP: ttf-linex -- Free fonts for education and institutions

El lun, 10-03-2008 a las 18:24 +0100, Christian Perrier escribió:
> Quoting José L. Redrejo Rodríguez (jredrejo@edu.juntaextremadura.net):
> > Package: wnpp
> > Severity: wishlist
> > Owner: José L. Redrejo Rodríguez <jredrejo@debian.org>
> > 
> >   Package name    : ttf-linex
> >   Version         : 2.0
> >   Upstream Author : Juan José Marcos 
> >   URL             : http://gata.linex.org/trac/browser/ttf-linex
> >   License         : GPL
> >   Description     : Free fonts for education and institutions
> > 
> > 
> > This package will provide free true type fonts that have been developed
> > by Juan José Marcos and, later, donated to the gnuLinEx project. 
> > These fonts are very focused on educational and institutional uses as
> > they included hand writting simulation typographies, ancient greek and
> > roman typographies, the institutional fonts for use by the regional
> > government of Extremadura and some other ellegant fonts.
> Would you mind joining the pkg-fonts-devel group ?
> This (still quite informal) group tries to gather people
> maintaining font packages in Debian (and CDDs). 
> We share an SVN repository as well as a development mailing list.
> Several packages are "loosely" team-maintained: most have someone
> identified as the pcakage maintainer (in Uploaders), but the team is
> listed as "Maintainer:" which allows for someone to easily take the
> package over.
> This is not an enforced policy in the team so if you're not
> comfortable with this, you can still join the team..:-)
> And, of course, if you're not comfortable with joining the team,
> you're also free to do so..:)

I'll be glad in joining to the group if it does not mean more work ;-)
Also if the group wants to package these fonts, I'll even be glader to
give you the ITP. My main purpose is include these fonts in Debian as
they are free, have being in linex for more than 4 years and some of
them are really useful in educative environments. I'm not specially
interested in fonts, but in education and linex, so if the group want to
package them, it would be perfect. Anyway, I've already request joining
to the group, there we can talk about it.

José L.

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