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Re: Anacron Problems

Robert Peirce wrote:
Problem 1 is trying to reach Sean Perry. Neither shalel@debian.org nor shaleh@valinux.com, as listed in anacron.8, work.

Problem 2 is trying t find out why my weekly job runs three times while my monthly and daily only run once. Furthermore, until a few weeks ago, weekly only ran once as well. Can you ask Sean?

While not a problem, I also note that anacron runs at about 12:30-1:00 AM if my laptop is on. It used to only run if I was logged on. I can live with either, but is this correct?

I am running Version 3.3 on Mac OS X 10.4.11

Sean here.

I have drifted from my Debian responsibilities so the @d.o address is no longer valid. Sadly valinux died years ago so that too is no longer a usable address.

This address works and should for the future.

As for your OS X issues -- I have no experience OS X.

The base idea is anacron is run (at least on Linux):
* at boot time
* on wake up from sleep / hibernation
* via cron at the usually scheduled times

When it runs it writes out a stamp so it knows to wait a bit before running again. If a job doesn't finish that may lead to jobs being run again and again. Another possibility is clock skew or some other form of time confusion.

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