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Re: Introducing security hardening features for Lenny

While these benchmarks should show any differences in raw processing 
performance, there's also the question of what differences the hardening 
measures make to application start-up times.  PIE in particular should cause 
some slowdown when the executables are first run, but it would take some 
other sort of benchmark to determine the impact.  PIE also makes prelinking 
ineffective, so it would probably be worth testing the difference between 
prelinked and PIE executables.

On Wednesday 05 March 2008, Kees Cook wrote:
> I also ran inkscape and nexuiz tests on x86_64, and there was no
> measurable difference.  I'm unclear if this was due to the extra
> registers, or just that that CPU was much faster and the difference
> vanished into the noise.

The x86_64 arch has special hardware to better support PIE, so the lack of any 
noticeable difference in performance is likely due to that.

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