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Re: git bikeshedding (Re: triggers in dpkg, and dpkg maintenance)

also sprach Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> [2008.02.24.1949 +0100]:
> One should not rebase a git branch which has had other branches taken
> from it, nor should one rebase a git branch which has ever been
> published (at least, unless it has been published with a warning
> announcing that it might be rebased).  Both of these practices lead to
> severe problems.

I refuse to read the entire thread, so sorry if someone else has
already suggested...

... leave your branch intact, but cherry pick all commits from it to
a new branch off master. Then submit that patch. Once it's merged,
you can rebase the new branch and it'll empty itself. Your old
branch stays around, but it won't be used anymore since the triggers
are now in dpkg mainline -- or in a feature branch in the main repo.

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