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Re: Buildd backlog and testing transition.

Charles Plessy <charles-debian-nospam@plessy.org> wrote:

>> He doesn't have to use unstable. He can use pinning for this specific
>> package.
> Sure, and he can also use dpkg -i. The question is: why should we ask
> him to make the effort?

He is using testing. We never made any commitment wrt availability in
testing. Testing is a *tool* for us, unfortunately too many testing
users can't understand this.

> Clearly, in the conflict of interest between the ghc6 MIPS users, and
> the testing users on other arches, a choice has been made, of which I am
> unhappy.

No choice has been made. I don't know what you're on, but you'd better
put it off.

The buildd queues aren't FIFO, this has been explained already a dozen
times if not more.

buildd problems do happen, have happened in the past and will continue
to happen. In the MIPS case, the buildds are impacted by real
technical problems that take time and effort to get fixed. It's not
like it's a manpower problem in replacing a broken disk or something

>> Stop whining.
> C'est celui qui le dit qui l'est. What do you expect when posting such
> sentence on this mailing list?

I reiterate: get a clue, and stop whining.


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