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Re: (user)tagging wnpp bugs

Thank you for your feedback...

Alle 21:41, sab 1 marzo 2008, Don Armstrong ha scritto:
> > If nothing against comes up, I'm going to use such usertags as
> > <wnpp@bugs.debian.org> and report (lots of) RFPs (and possibly some ITP!)
> > for fields I am interested in.
> I'd suggest just picking a reasonable subset of the tags

I shall see, didn't even quickly screened for applicable tags, anyway I guess 
they will be a subset of debtags + a few wnpp-specific tags. We haven't yet 
created a wiki page.

> and using the wnpp@packages.debian.org user so the tags are visible by 
> default. 

I wasn't aware of this. It's fine to me.

> [Well, after testing using your own user, of course.]

or maybe using debian-science@lists.debian.org again. ;-)


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