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(user)tagging wnpp bugs

Hello folks,
following a short discussion with Erich Schubert on the debtags-devel list[1], 
I decided to come with a simple proposal (are DEPs already active and 

In order to have wnpp bugs better categorized (and, as such, searched, shown, 
and managed), it seems a viable option to use (abuse?) faceted usertags, like 
somebody from the Debian Science subproject already does[2][3]. These tags 
could be collected using wiki pages, and should IMHO mostly match debtags' 
ones (that would enable using them when entering debtags).

Of course, using just one ‘login’ for categorizing wnpp tags looks way more 
useful than having several teams each using a different one.

Any comments? What ‘user’ should we use?

If nothing against comes up, I'm going to use such usertags as 
<wnpp@bugs.debian.org> and report (lots of) RFPs (and possibly some ITP!) for 
fields I am interested in.

[2] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianScience/Usertags


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