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Re: Many packaged programs that are doing the same thing

[William Pitcock]
> Why not? Debian ships more than 10 different shells, media players, etc.
> Why should an httpd be not included because there are already others.
> This isn't about being "helpful", this is about _choice_.

You seem to assume that choice is good, and more choices are better.
This is not always the case.  To answer your question about "why not",
the key point is cognitive strain.  Every new option increases the
cognitive strain on the person having to select between them.  This
make me believe it is a good idea to not increase the cognitive strain
on our users without a good reason to do it, and thus limit the
available options in Debian to those that make most sense to include,
and no more and no less.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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