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Re: Many packaged programs that are doing the same thing

On Fri, 29 Feb 2008, Guus Sliepen wrote:

For example: if two light-weight httpds have a very similar feature set,
then if the two upstream maintainers can be made to work together and
create a single httpd with the best qualities of both, then that will
reduce choice, but the one choice left is better than both old choices.

Just for the record: This is what we try in the Custom Debian
Distribution effort in Debian-Med: Talk to upstream, suggest them
to join forces, find reasonable ways of cooperation.  The group of
maintainers of a CDD have an overview about packages that are needed
in their field and thus are able to see inter-package connections.
Building a distribution is more than just adding packages to a pool.
It is about creating a work environment for users freeing them from
the work to compile programs from sources on one hand but also
give some reasonable advise and freeing them from the work to
do research which package might fit their needs best.  I personally
really hate to pick a random package out of 10 or more.  There would
be less work to compile _the_ _right_ one from source instead of
selecting it out of 10 prebuilded packages.

If we can create even better httpds by merging the development efforts,
then yes it does matter to me. ...

Well said.

Kind regards



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