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Re: Google Summer of Code 2008

On 27/02/08 at 18:51 +0100, Ondrej Certik wrote:
> Absolutely, I agree it is not black and white. But this is the
> responsibility of the mentor. He needs to be the one, who makes this
> decision and he needs to stand behind this decision.

I don't know if that's allowed by GSOC, but taking the final
success/fail decision as
a group (with some sort of comittee) could really help avoid this
dilemma. Seriously, I would hate to be a mentor and have to decide
whether I can give $2000 to $STUDENT who:
 * is an active Debian contributor
 * did a few things on his project
 * but clearly didn't do everything that was expected, and didn't work
   fulltime on it

> So for example if the student failed to do his GSoC project, but he
> organized a Debian conference and/or other things, this is what should
> imho be done:
> * the mentor should decide if he should fail him or not
> * at the end of the GSoC, the student (and/or mentor) should write a
> sum up, and this should be in the wiki. So that google and other
> people can see it and see for themselves, whether the $4500 from
> Google were justifyably spent on this project.
> So to answer your question - yes, I think it is perfectly possible not
> to do every single bit of the application, but in this case, the
> mentor needs to make sure he can back up his decision not to fail the
> student. Publicly.

Full ACK.
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