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Re: Debian Configuration Packaging System

Timothy G Abbott writes ("Re: Debian Configuration Packaging System"):
> All of the important problems with our dpkg-divert based configuration 
> package system that have been discussed in this forum are problems for any 
> configuration mechanism other than debconf preseeding.  Debconf preseeding 
> is unacceptable for site configuration because it is insufficiently 
> general (often things need to be configured that are not set up as debconf 
> options).

I think a better approach is just to have a package which writes stuff
over the configuration files without diverting them.

Such a package is putting itself in the position of the system
administrator, which is presumably what you intend.  That's not
appropriate for a Debian package but for a site-specific configuration
setting system it's OK I think.

You do have to deal with conffile prompts and other kinds of things
that happen when software (package maintainer scripts, and dpkg) spot
you've modified the files.  But if you do all of your installations in
a noninteractive mode (with a noninteractive debconf frontend and with
dpkg configured not to prompt about conffiles) you get predictable
behaviour which you can override as you like.


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