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Re: Idea of Debian mascot

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Raphael Hertzog dijo [Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 02:33:26PM +0100]:
> > For an idea of a mascot, maybe you could try some sort of bear. When I
> > created the logo of my company [1], I tried to select an animal that could
> > remind me the strength of Debian and I selected the bear:
> > - walks usually slowly but when it runs, you'd better not be in his
> >   way ("the quiet force" -- we say "la force tranquille" in French, not
> >   sure if I made a good translation)
> > - the white bear could live near the Linux penguin in some cold area
> In natural environments, you could hardly find animals living as far
> apart as polar bears and penguins. A polar bear has to swim/walk close
> to 15,000Km (as neither lives really on the poles, right?) to find a
> decent penguin.

Sometimes, penguins take a vacation.

(My son has this shirt, and he loves it)

> Bah, mascots.

Cute fuzzy shwags are nice, though.

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