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Re: the new style "mass tirage" of bugs

On Thu 21 Feb 2008, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> But jidanni did not actually insult anyone, but just made a statement on the
> current situation (possibly also expression his personal frustration). Our

By his own admission he will go ahead and post duplicate bug reports,
because he doesn't have the time to check the existing reports. In fact,
I've even seen him post a duplicate of one of his own bug reports...

If he considers his time more important than our time (as apparently he
thinks it's OK that we have to check his reports for duplicates whereas
his time is too important for that), then I can't help but not take his
bug reports very seriously.

> social contract says that we must not hide problems - and indeed there is kind
> of a problem, even though it's hard to blame anyone for it.

*He* is a problem, and I'm not hiding that.

Admittedly a fraction of his bug reports are valid, but then again the
manner of reporting really sucks.  All in all, the net result on my part
is that his bug reports only serve to demotivate.

Paul Slootman

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