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Re: dash bug which is affecting release goal

Mike Bird wrote:
> On Mon February 11 2008 02:20:26 Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>> On 11/02/2008, Mike Bird wrote:
>>> On *production* Debian systems, saving 30 seconds in a boot which
>>> may occur once a year for a kernel security update is not worth a
>>> single broken script, nor a single failed backup, nor a single lost
>>> data bit.
>> Since you're talking about *production* systems, “stable” case above,
>> so “not a problem”.
> Release notes do not offset the millions of person-hours needed to review
> and maybe-rewrite and retest the millions of tiny shell scripts that have
> been written and tested by millions of Debian users with no thought to the
> possible consequences of subsequent changes to /bin/sh.
> Why do you believe it is better for Debian to harm millions of Debian
> users rather than simply using #!/bin/sh.minimal within Debian scripts?

Users don't have to upgrade if they don't want to or they could just
change bin/sh to bin/bash in their scripts and be done with it. So no
need to rewrite or invest time except for a simple script to change
bin/sh to bin/bash.

Like you said, it's production, so there is no need to upgrade at all...

Any decent argument left?



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