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Re: dash bug which is affecting release goal

On Sun, 2008-02-10 at 19:36 -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Raphael Geissert <atomo64+debian@gmail.com> writes:
> > I just replied to Thomas on the bug report including some information
> > that demonstrates that his arguments on dash not implementing some (at
> > least the one mentioned on the report) /usr/bin/test features is not
> > valid.  For further reference please see #464995, which is the bug
> > report Thomas is talking about.
> So, to sum up the results of that bug, Thomas was specifically using a
> bash feature and this entire business of the behavior of /usr/bin/test is
> a red herring for the problem that started this whole discussion.

Actually, it's upstream's script, a genuine shell program, not just a
Debian maintainer script (the more usual case), so the right fix was to
specify /bin/bash since that is obviously what upstream was expecting
all along.


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