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Re: How to cope with patches sanely

On Thu Feb 07 22:42, Ben Finney wrote:
> In the scenario Manoj presents above, the modifications applied to
> upstream are easily available all in one place: the foo.diff.gz.

But all as one patch, not as your nice separated list of commits and/or

> Whereas with a patch bundle system, the security team needs to know
> *every* patch bundle system in use and how to use it, just to have a
> chance of operating on arbitrary Debian source packages.

That's not what is being suggested (although it is the current state).

If there is one standard patch _format_ then they need only learn one
set of commands (which may be as simple as diff and patch, or may be

This patch format can then be created from DVCSen if you like that,
quilt if you like that or diff/patch if you like that. It still has
separate, commented patches, but doesn't require the security team to
know '*every* patch bundle system' or to know how to deal with a DVCS.


Matthew Johnson

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