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Re: [update] Automatic mirror selection - feedback appreciated

Michal Čihař wrote:
> This server was the place where I tried the lookup and it is really in
> Czech. It has own DNS server which does not use any proxy and I flushed
> it's cache before each attempt. Just tested it again to be sure:


> Okay let's try it also another way - ask directly your server without
> anything on the way. It seems that last reply is somehow cached even 
> for different source addresses. If I do query first here in Japan and 
> then over there in Czech, I get few results pointing to Japan mirror 
> before it updates to Czech one. The same happens when I then start 
> resolving in Japan - I get again the Czech server on first attempts.
> Log follows, the time difference 8 hours is time zone shift:

Are you sure there's no redirection of port 53 going on there? Or
perhaps a load-balancing between two separate outbound IPs (one of which
could be wrong in the GeoIP database)? I don't mean to say you don't
know how your servers work, it's just that this seems a bit odd, given
that nobody else reported similar problems and how simple the setup is.

I don't think it's a cache problem on PDNS, firstly because it doesn't
seem to be caching anything (based on log output) and secondly because
the answer is changing between requests inside a small time-frame. But I
could be wrong.

Can you hop on to IRC to coordinate some queries while I watch the log?


Leo "costela" Antunes
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