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Re: rebuilding the archive in a dirty chroot: results

On 05/02/2008, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> I did another rebuild. Thanks to the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD cabal,


> debcmp is an home-made script I use to compare packages, looking
> more deeply than what debdiff does. It's available from
> http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/collab-qa/tools/debcmp/ , if you want to
> double-check the results.

Having a look at some packages of mine, some suggestions:
 - Please blacklist .pdf at least, timestamps stuff and so on are
   likely to be at fault here.
 - You could eventually no longer take the order of entries in shlibs
   file into account. I'm not sure this order matters anyway.
 - Harder, but you could try and ignore hunks where only a line
   changed, which contains “Generated on $date”, that's likely to be
   doxygen or a friend of its. Maybe ignoring .html files would do?
   There's also docbook-to-man.
 - I didn't check your script but I guess it might be enhanced WRT
   file type detection, see for example synfigstudio log in debcmp/.

I really suggest you postprocess your logs for the shlibs problem, it
would make it trivial to spot actual problem, also preventing from
missing some, hidden in an order modification.

> Or maybe someone has an NM, and doesn't know what he should do for
> T&S? ;)

Not yet, already passed, too late. :p

Cyril Brulebois

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