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debhelper compat levels (was: Backport of debhelper)

[forced change to debhelper v6 compat]
> Do not follow the advice of that sponsor, look for a different sponsor
> instead. Only ever update the debhelper dependency if you really use a
> feature of the new version.

Now, as this raised some comments on IRC, lets clarify it a bit:

- compat mode v1 to v3 is definitely something to change away from, they
  are deprecated

- everything above:
  - try to stick to the highest compat level that was supported in the
    last stable release. You make live of backporters[1] a whole lot

  - use newer compat levels only if the used level gets deprecated
    or if you use a feature only available in newer debhelpers.

- New packages should start with the latest recommended version.

The same can be said about versioned dependencies on debhelper.

[1] No matter if its for backports.org or someone rebuilding a package
for own usage somewhere else. and while its possible to backport
debhelper too or change the compat level in the backport, that just adds
an extra burden to the backporter, which is MANY times unneeded.

At least that are my 2¢ to this.

bye Joerg
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