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Re: Bug#463973: ITP: deejayd -- A media player daemon

> > Yes. Apparently what's special about this is that it can be
> > controlled over the network. Probably not the only one but
> > noticeable enough to be mentioned in a short description.
> mpd also supports that (tcp/6600).

Yep this project is very similar to mpd. As far as I know, it improves
over mpd with the following features :
- play queue
- video support (this is also an advantage over XMMS2 but I do not
know this project well enough to do a full comparison)
- xine or gstreamer backend (i.e. more supported media formats, well
tested media backends)
- more easily extensible protocol because of XML and easier to extend
because of Python
- asynchronous notifications other the network (you can subscribe to
song changes, etc, XMMS2 also has this)
- webradios dedicated mode
- integrated web interface

It has the following drawbacks compared to mpd :
- uses more memory and perhaps more CPU time (because written in
Python vs optimized C) but it keeps reasonable, you'll see if you give
it a try.
- no ReplayGain support (this is a planned feature).
- younger project thus less stable, less tested although the codebase
is not very large (we use everything we can reuse) and we've got quite
a big test suite.
- no Zeroconf support.
- only 3 clients (cmdline, web, maemo platform) and GUIs still have rough edges.

This is a summary of what I know. I think all those projects are
complementary. deejayd does not have (yet?) unique features, but it is
a unique combination of features.

Also of interest, there is a page that explains why we started the project.

Should all this fit in the package description?



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