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Re: Automatic mirror selection


Leo "costela" Antunes wrote:

> Hey there,
> As an incredibly late follow-up to this [0] small thread, I created a
> small script to act as backend for pdns and return a mirror for the
> user's country.
> It's a simple DNS based geographic mirror selection idea.
> It works by:
> - using logic based on D-I to select a mirror from a copy of
> Mirrors.masterlist[1], making it behave like a user that selects his own
> country during installation.
> - filtering by country and arch, with a fallback host if the country
> isn't found or no mirrors provide the needed arch.
> - applying a _very_ simple priority scheme to the mirrors that match,
> giving top points to hosts that match "ftp{1,2}.{2}.debian.org" and also
> preferring "leaf" over "push" mirrors.

I'm not an expert on the subject, but wouldn't anycast be more suitable?

> Cheers

Raphael Geissert

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