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Re: How to cope with patches sanely (Was: State of the project -

On Sun Feb 03 10:38, Pierre Habouzit wrote:

>   You agree on the fact that a Debian source package isn't (or shouldn't
> for big enough packages) be the preferred form of modification. Then
> it's that it's an exchange format. As an exchange format quilt is
> brilliant, because it holds *EVERYTHING* a SCM need to figure out how to
> rebuild meregeable and rebaseable patches from it. So why bother with
> anything else ?
>   An exchange format *Must* be simple. That's the very reason why Debian
> uses rfc822-style flat files everywhere, and that's one of our best
> strength:
>   (1) this format is ubiquitous in Debian ;
>   (2) it's really easy to parse (in the Debian flavour that doesn't need
>       the stupid quoted-printeable escapings and so on at least) ;
>   (3) it's human readable ;
>   (4) implementing parsers and generators take usually less than a
>       hundred lines in a high level enough language.
>   .git.tar.gz fails in those 4 points.
>   What I ask you is just to be consistent. Either we _will_ modify
> source packages, either we won't. If we will, adding features to it is a
> good idea, if we won't, let's just focus on how to let it be expressive
> enough to encode in it all what we use as new features upstream from it.
> And as a matter of a fact, quilt is enough for that.

Full ACK


Matthew Johnson

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