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wnpp.debian.net sources released, security review wanted, plans for the future


-- wnpp.debian.net sources
The source code running http://wnpp.debian.net/ is now
hosted in the subversion repository of collab-qa.
The current license is GPL 2 or later, the code
requires PHP >=5 and MySQL >=4.1 to run.


(As the concrete location in there might change I
didn't make the link more precise.)

-- Security review wanted
As I usually code C++ and not PHP/MySQL my current
code probably has security issues. As this code
is running on a publicly accessible machine I
depend on the kindness of its users and
your security reviews.

If you spot a vulnerability in that code please
drop me a private mail about it. Thank you!

-- Plans for the future
* As I learned today popcon also reports about
  programs not coming from Debian packages.
  That information might be useful for
  extra motivation on RFP/ITP bugs.

* The Soap interface is still being queried for
  single bug's data. It has to be checked
  if querying several bugs at once makes a
  difference. I expect it to.

* There is interest in a feed on security-related
  bugs, mentioned by a Gentoo friend of mine.
  This task can be solved with a fork or a clever
  modularization of the current wnpp code.
  The latter would be cool of course.

Please contact me if you feel you can help with any
of these tasks.


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