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${shlibs:Depends} results libfamin0 or libfam0?

Dear folks,

I am working on pcmanfm package. It has build-depends on 'libgamin-dev',
but somehow the binaries packages depends on 'libfam0'.

I checked 'libgamin-dev' depends on 'libgamin0', but I don't know why
the binaries packages are not depend on 'libgamin0'?

Both libfam0 and libgamin0 package provides libfam0, so libfam0 might be
correct dependency,

But upstream author is not recommended to use libfam0 with this package,
does anyone know what do to with this situation?

And I also found and libgamin0 package contains:

Not sure if this confused ${shlibs:Depends}?

PS. Also cc this to libgamin0 and libfam0 maintainers.


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