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miBoot floppies for debian-installer and use of people.debian.org

Hi all,

I have a question.  I have at various times been interested on getting
Debian working on an Old World PowerPC Macintosh and have come across a
situation that confuses me.  I was able to get the mac working with the
use of floppies that include a tool call miBoot, that are distributed
on people.debian.org/~dontremember.  The main debian-installer daily
builds do not include the miBoot floppy images.

The thing is the reason they are not part of debian proper is that
miBoot is non-free and possibly non-distributable (see below).  My
question is whether including them on p.p.o is therefore a violation of
debian policy?  It seems odd to me that p.p.o should be used as a way
around debian policy.

miBoot is GPL but requires CodeWarrior (a proprietary compiler) to
build, and *cannot* be built with free tools (although work is underway
to change this).  My understanding of the debian interpretation of of
the GPL is that this makes miBoot non-distributable because under the
GPL everything required to build the binaries must be available as
source, including the compiler (unless the compiler is part of the
system the code is built on, which is not the case here) and since the
compiler is not available as source code debian cannot meet its GPL
obligations for miBoot-based binaries.

Am I mistaken in the debian policy in this regard, and if not, what's
the deal with distributing it on p.p.o?

I'd like this question resolved one way or another because at the
moment Old World Macs are in a kind of limbo between official support
and a clear statement that they cannot be supported.



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