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Re: rebuilding the archive in a dirty chroot: results

Am Freitag, den 25.01.2008, 16:20 +0100 schrieb Jens Seidel:
> On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 03:59:01PM +0100, Daniel Leidert wrote:

[difference in Installed-Size for docbook-xsl-doc-html]
> > copies files from the source to the correct place in the file system. So
> > I checked the files: a) that I have written or that are created by
> > debhelper and b) that are patched. But from the build logs I cannot find
> > a difference between these files. So I'm wondering, where the difference
> > comes from. Now because the file-list is very long and the build logs do
> > not have the same ordering of the files, it is hard to compare the file
> > lists without hacking around some kind of script that reads in your
> > build-logs and compares the file-lists found in the build logs. So I'm
> I sorted this list manually for debiandoc-sgml-doc and noticed that only
> a pdf.gz document differs in size. This is probably related to the fact
> that the PDF contains the build date and the compression ratio differs (20kB).
> > wondering if you could send me the file lists in some sorted order or if
> > there is some tool to compare packages directly?
> Something simple as sort with option --key=POS1[,POS2] applied to the
> package list should do what you want ...

Hm. I now simply removed everything from the log except the file-list
and ran it through `cat ... | sort' and diffed the results for both logs
and found ... nothing. So the file lists and sizes are identical. Hm,
looks like a false positive then. But where does the difference come
from? Ideas?

Regards, Daniel

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