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Re: rebuilding the archive in a dirty chroot: results

Am Freitag, den 25.01.2008, 15:25 +0100 schrieb Lucas Nussbaum:

> I've done two rebuilds of sid on i386.
> - one in a perfectly clean chroot, as I usually do
> - one in a chroot, where as many build-dependancies as impossible were
>   installed (take the Sources file, extract the build-deps for all
>   packages, and install as many packages as possible) (the chroot is
>   named bdfh -- build daemon from hell)
> All the results are available from
>   http://people.debian.org/~lucas/logs/2008/01/22/bdfh/

Ok. I checked docbook-xsl. Your report says, that there is a difference
in the control file in the Installed-Size field. Now this package just
copies files from the source to the correct place in the file system. So
I checked the files: a) that I have written or that are created by
debhelper and b) that are patched. But from the build logs I cannot find
a difference between these files. So I'm wondering, where the difference
comes from. Now because the file-list is very long and the build logs do
not have the same ordering of the files, it is hard to compare the file
lists without hacking around some kind of script that reads in your
build-logs and compares the file-lists found in the build logs. So I'm
wondering if you could send me the file lists in some sorted order or if
there is some tool to compare packages directly?

Regards, Daniel

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