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Re: idea: allow package combinations as alternative dependencies, e.g. a | b + c

[Changes the title to make sure we are talking about dependencies.]

Martijn van Oosterhout schrieb:
IIRC from logic, a | (b&c) == (a|b) & (a|c), which means you should be
able to represent the above using:

gnome-office | openoffice.org, gnome-office | openoffice.org-gnome

From logic you seem to be right, but...

Image you have oo.o installed, but not oo.o-g. The first dependency will be satisfied, but the second will automatically install you g-o. You need to reverse the second dependency:
gnome-office | openoffice.org, openoffice.org-gnome | gnome-office

This will install you oo.o-g if you allready had oo.o installed and install you g-o otherwise.

Nevertheless I consider this far less obvious than 'g-o | oo.o + oo.o-g'.

Have a nice day, too. ;)

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