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Bug#461651: loosing dependencies

Package: fortunes
Version: 1:1.99.1-3

	Currently, the `fortunes' package depends on either
	`fortune-mod' or `fortune-min':

$ apt-cache show fortunes
Package: fortunes
Source: fortune-mod
Version: 1:1.99.1-3
Provides: fortune-cookie-db
Depends: fortune-mod (>= 9708-12), fortunes-min

	It probably doesn't make sense, provided that the fortune files
	may as well be read by, e. g., M-x fortune in Emacs, or even by

	Could this dependency be relaxed, please?

	The following line may be added as well, if it's necessary:

Conflicts: fortune-mod (<< 9708-12)

	[Cc: to debian-devel, since the discussion was started there.]

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