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Re: Bug#460323: ITP: unreal-assistant -- Unreal Tournament packaging helper

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On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 at 17:12:52 +0100, Philipp Kern wrote:
> [This message has also been posted to gmane.linux.debian.devel.general.]
> On 2008-01-12, Simon McVittie <smcv@ianadd.pseudorandom.co.uk> wrote:
> > Some more explanation: I intend to have a source package
> > unreal-assistant, building binary packages unreal-assistant
> > and unrealtournament. The former will be a packaging helper like java-package
> > and module-assistant; the latter will basically be a metapackage, which
> > depends on non-distributable packages created using unreal-assistant.
> I recall that Gentoo hardmasked (i.e. made it hard to install) the old
> Unreal games because they had severe security issues and cannot be
> fixed.  Apart from that I found it hard to run it on newer kernels,
> constant sound chokes and other problems.

Loss. It appears the security issue is the difference between v451 (what
I've packaged), and v451b (only available for Windows). I'll try
prodding utpg.org (a community site that's been given the source code
under NDA and is responsible for patches from v440 upwards) but I don't expect
to get very far...

It might be possible to close that hole by using LD_PRELOAD or something
to drop offending packets (essentially, the reverse of the
proof-of-concept). On modern i386 hardware I don't expect that UT's
performance will ever be CPU-bound.

For reference: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=44351

Re: the performance issues, I've had no problems running UT on 2.6.23
with a Centrino Duo and an i945 chipset (I'm using Debian's versions of
libsdl and libmikmod instead of the precompiled ones that Loki Games bundled
with the UT v436 installer). Mileages may vary.

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