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Re: netconf control socket protocol: rfc822, xml-rpc, or dbus

also sprach Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org> [2008.01.09.2229 +0100]:
> > The alternative is to have the control socket use the D-Bus system, 
> > meaning only one package is needed, but messages
> > would need to pass through the dbus-daemon in order to be recieved.
>   Well that wasn't what I understood, but I'm really not a D-Bus expert
> at all :) Though it doesn't makes sense to let the D-Bus connector be a
> separated component as you then only pull the library which is of a
> reasonable size.

This is what I initially wanted, but then figured I'd rather reuse
existing code than implement my own control protocol (though it's
already done, albeit in somewhat of a weird way...

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