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Re: netconf control socket protocol: rfc822, xml-rpc, or dbus

"Pierre Habouzit" <madcoder@debian.org> wrote in message [🔎] 20080109212923.GA32312@artemis.madism.org">news:[🔎] 20080109212923.GA32312@artemis.madism.org...
Well that wasn't what I understood, but I'm really not a D-Bus expert
at all :) Though it doesn't makes sense to let the D-Bus connector be a
separated component as you then only pull the library which is of a
reasonable size.

I'm no dbus expert either, but my description of the current situation is based havilly on this part of the
message martin sent:

"martin f krafft" <madduck@debian.org> wrote in message [🔎] 20080108113229.GA1753@piper.oerlikon.madduck.net">news:[🔎] 20080108113229.GA1753@piper.oerlikon.madduck.net...
Currently, the netconf control socket is implemented using,
a pseudo-rfc822-based protocol (see [1] for some information).
Many people have suggested using dbus for this, but I always refused
because I did not want the dependency. I always wanted to make dbus
optional, i.e. provide netconf-dbus which, when installed, links
netconf in with the dbus infrastructure. However, that would be
independendent of the control socket, for which I still need
a protocol.

Now I don't really see a good reason to have a seperate package
either, as the dependecy on the dbus library is only ~300KB
which seems reasonable to me. Especially if the current ifupdown
is still available for embeded systems that really need that space.
But of course, I'm just a mere user, so ...

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