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Re: List of packages defining a RPATH on amd64 (differs from i386/lintian.d.o)

Russ Allbery wrote:
> That's what we do now.  It takes about a half-hour, usually, or less.
> However, when I upgrade lintian.d.o to a new version of lintian, I have to
> regenerate the entire results for the whole archive to have consistent
> results, and I don't want that to take a week.
> I suppose we could do something fancy where the archive is rebuilt in the
> background, but gluck doesn't have a lot of spare cycles as it is, and I'm
> not sure it's worth the effort at the moment to get coverage of the
> remaining platforms.

What about checking the amd64 packages by default?
a script could be written so those packages only available for i386 are also
included (and probably the same could be done for the other archs).

>> groff was the process taking the most part of the CPU when lintian
>> processed libwine-dev, is there anything that can be done to reduce
>> this?
> The only options I can think of are:
>  1. Figure out some way to make groff faster.
>  2. Parse nroff in Perl and have lintian do the same checks internally.
>  3. Stop checking man pages.
> None of the options are particularly appealing except 1, which is just
> really hard.  :)

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