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Re: Correct spelling/capitalisation of project names

Quoting Raphael Geissert (atomo64+debian@gmail.com):

> For example GNOME is being spelt in some packages as Gnome, or simply gnome,
> when its right spelling: GNOME. Other project names such as Debian, KDE and
> Linux aren't being correctly capitalised.
> Neil Williams has requested me on #456495 to seek a concensus on this
> subject, hence the reason of this message.

Note that this is something we enforce when reviewing packages'
descriptions in the Smith reviews for English (but that project is
awfully slow given the low resources we have and we're still currently
focused on packages with debconf templates, which were the first

May I suggest adding some other project names which capitalization is
not always obvious. Others can probably add more of these, but at
least, coming to my mind right now:


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