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Re: Opinions needed: reporting lintian overrides

Thijs wrote:
>On Saturday 5 January 2008 14:43, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> As you might expect (as I was the requester for this feature) I'd
>> *really* prefer the former option. My initial reasoning for it is that
>> I want to make it immediately visible to sponsors if a package has
>> suppressed lintian warnings. If it's not the default behaviour to list
>> them, then I'd be worried that some people just won't notice.
>I think that a sponsor should review candidate packages more than just running 
>lintian over them. If I get a completely new package to review I examine at 
>least all files in the debian/ dir closely. If it's an update to a package I 
>sponsored before, I at least debdiff it with the archive version, then added 
>overrides would come up aswell.

You do that; I do that; it seems not all sponsors are quite so
diligent. :-( If we can make it easier for people to pick up on
errors, I think this is a good idea.

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