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Re: Availability of wanna-build sources

Roger Leigh wrote:
> Hi folks,

Hi Roger

> The wanna-build (sbuild, buildd) sources in use on the Project's
> buildd infrastructure is maintained by Ryan Murray and is available
> From an SVN repository at
>   http://svn.cyberhqz.com/svn/wanna-build
> However, the version number (99.99) displayed in current sbuild logs
> does not reflect the source in the repository, and no commits have
> been made since November 2006.

It's only on some current sbuild logs as that version is experimental.

> Does anyone know where the sources for the current version of
> wanna-build in use on our buildds may be found?

The current version is the one of the repository you mentioned. If you
mean the experimental version, well I suppose that's on one of Ryan's



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