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Availability of wanna-build sources

Hi folks,

The wanna-build (sbuild, buildd) sources in use on the Project's
buildd infrastructure is maintained by Ryan Murray and is available
From an SVN repository at


However, the version number (99.99) displayed in current sbuild logs
does not reflect the source in the repository, and no commits have
been made since November 2006.

Does anyone know where the sources for the current version of
wanna-build in use on our buildds may be found?

So that the buildd-tools-devel team who maintain the packaged version
of sbuild (and in the near future also wanna-build and buildd) can
maintain compatibility with the version in use on the buildds, I try
to sync changes in upstream SVN as they are made.  However, this is
not currently possible due to the sources apparently not being



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