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Re: pkg-$GROUP on Alioth: please whitelist messages from BTS (was Re: Bug#459247: grub-pc: please don't play with /boot/grub/menu.lst)

On 11255 March 1977, Stephen Gran wrote:

>> > It should be mandatory at least for it to accept messages from the
>> > BTS,[1] and be moderated otherwise.
>> > I e-mailed both Robert and Otavio from owner@b.d.o to this effect on
>> > the first, but haven't heard back from them. Hopefully they will
>> > resolve that soon.
>> BTS *AND* the archive! I regularly get to hate more developer when
>> getting crap back from mailing lists thanks to NEW packages...

> I've just told mailman on alioth to look at the envelope sender for
> figuring out who mail is coming from.  This means that most lists can
> just add debbugs@ and dak@ to the allowed email list and it will pretty
> much do the right thing.  This will break things if the normal
> subscribers send with random envelopes, but that's probably a bug in
> their mail environments.

I think for mails from the NEW queue (reject, prod, accept), from
removals CCed to packages its the address of the one doing it, ie in my
case joerg@ries.debian.org.

bye Joerg
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