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Re: List of packages which should probably be Architecture: all

Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> I fail to see why. Imagine for example a -dev package providing only .h
> files, but depending on the architecture. It has to be Architecture: any
>  and does not need to Depends on a package.

I know I'm hidding behind my 'the results may contain many false positives'
statement but I'm really aware there are some exceptions (like the one you
mentioned or others like kdepim-dbg, as stated by Sune Vuorela, which
contain the symbols of several binaries which are distributed in several
binary packages).

> You really have to look at the contents of the package and verify it
> does not change between architecture.

I'll try to do it when I have time and after the archive wide lintian check
(on amd64 binary packages only) I talked about in #-qa

Raphael Geissert

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