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Re: Parallel build results

On Tuesday 01 January 2008 07:36:34 pm Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Did you compare the contents of the package with and without -j? I am
> almost sure some of the successfully built packages are actually not
> correctly built and some files are missing.
> For example I remember having seen some python packages building one
> flavour after the other in different targets. I imagine this could
> result in one of the flavour being overwritten by the other, and thus
> not present in the resulting .deb file.

I compared the control files and file lists from the packages and marked the 
build "broken" if it found significant differences.  So that would have 
caught the case above.  But not a case where, for example, the compiler runs 
were started before patches were completely applied, probably resulting in a 
mix of patched and non-patched code.

However, due to the issues raised in the previous thread about 100% bit-by-bit 
reproducibility of package builds, I don't see any good way to detect that 
case automatically.
Daniel Schepler

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