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Re: some packges are waiting for i386 build

Quoting Thijs Kinkhorst (thijs@debian.org):

> Of course i386 machines are commonly available, but the suggested procedure of 
> making uploads by hand is undesirable (especially for stable):
> a) it increases chances of dirty/broken build environments;
> b) it costs time;
> c) some packages require nontrivial resources (time, disk) to build.
> Several DSA's have been stalled the past months because of missing i386 
> builds. It would be great if we can reduce that.

Seconded (easy to say for me as I'm definitely not in position to do
much to have another i386 buildd).

I just noticed that missing i386 buildd today because I was surprised
of KDE being non installable currently on i386 because many packages
need to be built as they were apparently manually built on an amd64

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