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Re: some packges are waiting for i386 build

On Wednesday 2 January 2008 14:27, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> It seems the build daemon is down. However according to [1] it should
> not be a problem, you should build and upload the packages manually:
> | Waiver (for redundancy, since there isn't any): Most developers upload
> | for i386; buildd downtime can be made up for with manual uploads for
> | the few other packages

Although this used to be sensible, it is getting outdated fast with the growth 
of amd64. Within the security team we're already experiencing the trouble 
with the i386 buildd being down from time to time, and a second one (perhaps 
with an extra buildd admin) would in my opinion be very desirable.

Of course i386 machines are commonly available, but the suggested procedure of 
making uploads by hand is undesirable (especially for stable):

a) it increases chances of dirty/broken build environments;
b) it costs time;
c) some packages require nontrivial resources (time, disk) to build.

Several DSA's have been stalled the past months because of missing i386 
builds. It would be great if we can reduce that.


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