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Re: Faster shutdown and the ubuntu "multiuser" update-rc.d extention

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Ubuntu discovered this a while back, and introduced a method to avoid
> calling stop scripts in runlevel 0 and 6.  It is the "multiuser"
> extension to update-rc.d

Why is this extension not available in our update-rc.d? As a bonus it
could stop at sequence number 80 too so we could transition to a better
order for runlevel 1.

> And while you work on your init.d scripts, please make sure to update
> the LSB-style header Should-Stop to reflect that the script do not
> need to stop in runlevels 0 and 6.  See
> <URL: http://wiki.debian.org/LSBInitScripts/DependencyBasedBoot > for
> more info on this feature.

I don't see documentation about Should-Stop there.

see shy jo

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