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Re: Bug#457353: gdome2-xslt: should not be a Debian-native package

On Thu, Dec 27, 2007 at 05:04:17PM +0100, Vincent Danjean wrote:

> Gabor Gombas wrote:
> > You seem to make the mistake to think that the debian/ directory
> > provided by upstream is there to help the distro maintainer.
> [false assumptions]

Huh? I, as a user, routinely use upstream-provided debian/ directory to
create packages for some software (most frequently mplayer). So those are
not assumptions but facts.

And as a user, I can say that if e.g. the debian mplayer maintainer
considers the upstream-provided debian/ directory inconvenient, I
couldn't care less. If the upstream-provided packaging is not perfect or
does not fully follow Debian guidelines - I do not care, as long as it

>   I remove the upstream debian/ directory because the program that
> create the diff.gz (dpkg-deb ?) does not record *removal* of files [1].
> It only record changes. And I need to remove some files...
>   A workaround can be to add 'rm debian/....' in the 'clean' and 'configure'
> target of debian/rules but I think it is a lot clearer with a new
> upstream tarball without debian/ directory.

Then why not just do the unpacking of the upstream tarball from
debian/rules? That way you can use the unaltered upstream tarball yet
the .diff.gz will contain just your version of debian/.

There is also the method e.g. nut upstream uses that can be viewed as a
compromise: they put the upstream-provided packaging info into a
subdirectory (packaging/debian), so it does not conflict with the
distro-provided packaging.


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